Tired of wasting money on Ads?

Discover my Time-tested and Proven step-by-step Framework

You can use to setup and launch Profitable Facebook Ads Campaign that generate daily sales and quality leads even if you’re a Total Newbie…

Do you currently have a business and you’re looking for a better way to acquire new customers and make daily sales?

Or you currently run Facebook Ads but you are tired of wasting money because it just feels like you’re doing give-away to “Hunku Sugarbag” without getting your desired results…

Then let me show you how to properly and confidently launch a Profitable Facebook Ads campaign by leveraging on my time-tested and proven blueprint to get massive results no matter what you’re selling or who you’re selling to.

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Start Getting Daily Sales and Quality Leads…

Let me tell you a story of how I started...

Hi, I'm Adeleke Samuel


In 2015, I started my Journey online as a Website designer through my Digital Agency (DSP Tech Solutions) but it got to a point I felt I’m not getting enough reward for my effort.


Fast forward to 2017, I decided to Niche down and Venture into designing Landing / Sales pages so as to make sales for my clients and also have the confidence to charge my clients more money for the value and solution I’m providing to their business.


But one common request my clients ask is how they can get many people to see their products and offers on the sales page I designed for them because without the eyeballs on it then no action or sales will be made.

I then started to surf the internet and making research, I found internet marketers talking about Facebook Ads as a cheap and easy traffic source.


To cut the long story short, I researched, read so many blog posts, watched YouTube videos and learned how to run Facebook Ads.


I felt I knew a lot then started running Ads, I burned and wasted money in the process.


This made me sit up, bought courses both local and international, enrolled for Facebook Ads programs, joined different communities from there I got the courage and confidence to help my clients create and manage Facebook Ads campaign.


It was a rough ride when I started there was no laid down process, I was just running Ads randomly, made a lot of costly mistakes but during this whole process I was learning by doing, gathering first-hand experience and over the years I know what works and what is not working no matter the changes or updates on the platform.


I have developed my own patterns, process, strategies and frameworks that anyone can also leverage on to be profitable with Facebook Ads.

This will save you from the mistakes I made and even save you time and money as you don’t need to figure things out on your own.


In 2021, I created a YouTube channel where I teach and share my knowledge, strategies and hack of what I’m doing to get result on the Facebook Ads platform, and I still do.


I have taught thousands of business owners and individuals but the questions I keep getting every day is someone either “asking me to run Ads for them” or “teach them how to run Ads” but the truth is I and my team can’t attend to everybody if we want to deliver good result to our clients.


I thought of a better solution which birthed The Ultimate Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint.


This is not the regular course you know as I poured my expertise and shared my 5 years experience of running Facebook Ads.


If you hire me and pay me $2,000 today to run Ads for you, I will use the same framework and strategies I shared in this course.


This will be the only Facebook Ads Course I’ll ever create, I will only keep on updating it.


With this course, I can reach and help more people at a time and I strong believe it will change your life, business and finance.


The Truth is no one will teach and simplify Facebook Ads the way I’ll do, aside being a passionate teacher I am a daily Facebook Ads user so I know what you need to learn to be profitable and the best way to teach you so you can easily understand.

Knowing how to run Ads has helped me:

Build a 7-Figure/Month eCommerce Business

Leveraging on the Power of Facebook Ads + 3 in-house support staff

Get paid $$$ Monthly

In foreign currencies by clients I setup and manage their Ads campaign

Relocate Abroad and Live Comfortably

And not just, I have been able to invest in other Financial Assets

And you too can do this and even more!

There is more to knowing how to Run Ads, it is like possessing Superpower! With it you can wake up one morning Launch a Facebook Ads to test a new business idea or even decide to show your offer or something you’re working on to Thousands of people!
You won’t ever need to beg for visibility again because you’ll have the magic wand in your hands!
You will learn about every single strategy, tools and system that I personally use so you can leverage on it to start creating your own profitable campaign ASAP!


The Ultimate Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint

In this course, you’ll discover my time-tested and proven step-by-step framework you can use to setup and launch Profitable Facebook Ads Campaign that generate massive sales and quality leads even if you’re a Total Newbie…

Start Getting Daily Sales and Quality Leads…

This is for you, if you’re an:

  •  Business owners,  eComPreneur, Info marketer, Dropshippers that wants to acquire new customers and make daily sales
  • Affiliate Marketer, Real Estate Consultant , Network Marketer ,Sales Person: Looking to generate Quality Leads
  • Bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters: Looking for a way to drive Quality Traffic and grow their fan base, subscribers or followers
  • Digital Marketers, Freelancers and Individuals: Looking for a new skill to learn or master and offer as service to other businesses

After going through this course, you’ll be:

What is inside this course


You’ll understand the Concept of Facebook Ads, breakdown of the platform Ecosystem, understanding of its Auction-based system and you’ll discover the formula to be profitable on the Ads platform.

Pre-Facebook Ads: Offer

You’ll learn how to craft irresistible offer no matter what you’re selling, this is crucial to the success of your Facebook Ads Campaign.you want to be profitable on Facebook.

The Facebook Ads Platform

In this module, I’ll show you how to create your Page, Business Manager Account, Ads Account and also show different means of paying for your Ads. And you’ll also learn how to navigate all of these accounts easily and confidently.

Facebook Ads Targeting Secrets

Targeting is where you define who you want to show your Ads. In this module, I’ll uncover my Never-shared-before Targeting cheatsheet alongside my 3 Targeting Techniques, after watching this module you’ll never have to worry about Facebook Targeting Again. Targeting local, international or even expats will become easy.

Facebook Ads Copy Workshop

In this module, you’ll learn the best way to understand your customers and write a Compliant, Compelling and Converting Ad Copy that speaks to them and get them to click to your website, I will share with you frameworks and fill-in-the-blank templates you can use to instantly churn out New Ad copies with different Marketing Angles, you will never get stuck again or experience Ad Fatigue.

You’ll also learn how to use AI to write your Facebook Ads copy.

Facebook Ads Creative Workshop

This is an hands-on practical workshop. I will share with you over 10 types of Facebook Ads Creative you can use, the tools for designing your Ad creatives. I will produce some creatives Live.

Facebook Pixel, Custom and LookAlike Audience

Pixel is responsible for tracking what is happening on your website and measuring your Ads performance. In this module,  you’ll not only learn the easy way to properly install and setup your Pixel so as to accurately track conversions after iOS 14 update you’ll also learn how to create different custom Audiences and LookAlike Audience that brings massive result

Facebook Ads Creation Workshop

I will show you how to create different types of campaign to: make sales, generate quality email and WhatsApp leads, drive massive traffic to your blog, podcast, youtube channel, and my $1 strategy to grow your followers base.

My "Never-Fail" Launch Strategy

I will take your Behind-the-scene of how Launch any kind of Facebook Ads campaign, my step-by-step framework you can rinse and replicate. How to test, what to test and the sequence of testing.

Metrics, Facebook Ads Reporting, Monitoring Your Campaign

I’ll explain important metrics to look out, setting up a custom report dashboard for easy understanding of your campaign data so you can make informed decision and I’ll share my best practices to monitor your Ads after you have launched the campaign

Troubleshooting and Fixing

Ads not converting after launching? It happens. In this module, I’ll train you on how to spot where the problem is, analyse the problem and know exactly what you need to do to fix it.


Campaign Budget Optimization

You’ll discover my CBO strategy  that ensures I stay profitable in uncertain times.

Magnetic Retargeting Ads Setup

In this module, you’ll learn how to set up Magnetic Retargeting Ads that follows your customers everywhere they go until they buy from you, this will also help you recover lost/abandoned sales.

Optimization and Scaling

In this module, you’ll know how to further reduce your Cost per result, optimize for better conversion. You’ll also learn how to Scale, to get consistent result and  sustain the profitability of your Facebook Ads Campaign

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This is why you should learn from me...

I use Facebook Ads everyday in my eCommerce business to acquire New Customers and I have been doing this every day for the past 4 years 


I run Ads everyday, it is either for my Business or for my clients


So no matter what happens on the platform, I have no choice other than to look for a solution because if I don’t it will affect my business and that of my Clients


What I’m saying here, is that the course will constantly be updated!

And not just that…

I have been teaching this same Facebook Ads every week on my YouTube channel for over a year and I engage with people daily  that are learning or wanting to learn how to run Profitable Facebook Ads

So I know the questions you’ve in mind and I’m in the best position to teach you because I use this Traffic source daily, I have done and I’m still doing everything you’ll learn from this course.

And I’m sharing from experience, my own proven and time-tested Blueprint that I have refined over the years.

There’s no point in wasting money and countless weeks, months, and years trying to figure stuff out on your own. 

I won’t leave you hanging because I understand being alone on this journey will make it tiring, this is why I’ll be creating a community where you can ask questions, get help and have direct support from me.

See what people are saying about me

These are just some of my Results that I can lay my hands on at the moment.

What makes this course different than other trainings like it?

Monthly Live Q&A Call

Every month, I'll jump on a Live call to share updates of what is currently working on the Ad platform and also answer any of your questions.

Active Community

You'll have direct access to me and other members, so you can get help and support when you need it

Enrollment Fee Cashback System

I'll show you how to get back the money you invested in this Course.

Access to Digital Resources

I'll share with you fill-in-the-blank templates, checklist, scripts that will simplify implementing what you're learning

Is that all you'll get? No!

But before I reveal other perks, please read carefully

I strongly believe that the creation of The Ultimate Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint is certainly going to raise a new breed of Media Buyers.

With that said, I have decided to invest a lot of time and resources to carefully put together powerful, jaw-breaking and mouth-watering useful resources and bonuses.

This will help you learn fast and also implement what you will learn in this course to start getting results almost immediately.

Please note this is not for everyone, only for Fast Movers to enroll for this course.

However your decisive nature and Smartness is what will determine the kind of Bonuses you will get…

Today, I want to extend the opportunity for you to get access to The Ultimate Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint + Some Awesome goodies

If you act now, you secure a spot and get access to these highly valuable bonuses for FREE

eCommerce Hot Product Harvester-Code

 This is a Mini-course on how to spot and harvest hot eCommerce products that will sell like crazy. You’ll never worry of products to sell again. This is so precious to me that I haven’t shared with anyone before, to avoid saturation.

(The first 20 People Only gets this – 0 People remaining)

WORTH ₦30,000 – Get if for FREE, if you sign up now!


Just Copy & Paste into ChatGPT AI to write Quality and High-converting Facebook Ads Copy faster and easier at no cost.

WORTH ₦10,000 – Get if for FREE, if you sign up now!

My 8-Figure eCommerce Sales Page Template

This is the exact Sales Page Template I use, it has done multiple 8-Figure in sales for different eCommerce products. I have refined it over the years to always bring massive result. This is a ‘plug-n-play’ template you can start using immediately and it comes with a short Tutorial guide on how to use it.

WORTH ₦50,000 – Get if for FREE, if you sign up now!

Facebook Ban Appeal Script

Ad Account Disabled? Profile restricted?? Never too worry! I’ll share my appeal script with over 90% recovery rate. Just ‘copy n paste’ then wait for a positive feedback.

(WORTH ₦30,000 – Get it for FREE today)

My Facebook Ads Checklist

This will serve as your Personal manual before you hit the “Publish” button, this checklist will save you from Ads disapproval, limit Facebook Ban & restriction and ensures your Ads is compliant and compelling at the same time.

(WORTH ₦30,000 – Get it for FREE today)

High-converting Video Ads Script Template

This is a template anyone can use to easily create a video script that sells, for any type of product or service.

(WORTH ₦30,000 – Get it for FREE today)

Graphics Design For Non-Designers Crash course

I’ll give you a practical-oriented crash course on how to design virtually any type of graphics (logo, flyer, infographics, business card, book cover, id card, post card, certificate, banner etc.) in minutes even if you don’t have any design skills. This will be handy while designing your Facebook Ads Creative

You can offer this as a service too and make cool money from it.

(WORTH ₦7,000 – Get it for FREE Today)

Start Getting Daily Sales and Quality Leads…

In Summary...

This is Everything You'll Get.
  • 13 Module Video Course with Easy-to-understand and Quality Video that shows you how to run Profitable Facebook Ads (Worth ₦200,000)
  • Access to Community You get direct support from me and other active community members getting crazy results, none of your question will ever go unanswered (Worth ₦50,000)
  • Enrollment Fee Cashback System: I'll show you how to get back the money you invested in this course and even more in less than a week (Worth ₦30,000)
  • Bonus #1: My 8-Figure eCommerce Sales Page Template - For First 10 People Only(Worth ₦50,000)
  • Bonus #2: 30 Advance ChatGPT prompts for Facebook Ads (Worth ₦5,000)
  • Bonus #3: eCommerce Hot Product Harvester-Code - For the First 20 People Only (Worth ₦30,000)
  • Bonus #4: Facebook Ban Appeal Script (Worth ₦30,000)
  • Bonus #5: My Facebook Ads Checklist (Worth ₦30,000)
  • Bonus #6: High-converting Video Ads Script Template (Worth ₦30,000)
  • Bonus #7: Graphics Design For Non-Designers Crash course(Worth ₦7,000)

Though the total value of the course + add-ons is worth over ₦507,000

You won’t actually be paying up to that amount…

Not up to even 20% of ₦507,000…

COURSE FEE = ₦49999 ($100)

One step away to making Daily sales…

I know it’s too cheap (& I’m not stupid either)


It’s worth every penny because you can use the lesson you’ll learn here to grow own business and even save more money without the need to hire someone to do it for you.


You can as well make huge bucks selling your Facebook Ads skill as a service to other businesses.


But, there’s one simple condition attached to it… 


This discounted price and mouth-watering bonuses are only available for a very limited time and to only few people will get access.


You need it?

… get it now


Unbelievable right? I’m doing this either because I’m stupid or very confident that my training will work for you.

I know this training has the potential to transform your business and finance. In fact, one of the bonuses could pay times 3 of the investment you’re making now.

But maybe you’re on the fence because other resources or courses you’ve bought in the past have left you disappointed and a bit skeptical. That’s understandable. That’s why you’ll get to test drive The Ultimate Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint for 30 days.

The risk is on me!

Yes, this program either give you everything I promised, or you get your money back AND also keep all the bonuses for free.

No tricks. No hidden fees. None of that. All yours for a low price.

Congrats! You're one step away...

From getting a course that will make it easy for you to acquire new customers and make daily sales in your business.

You’ll also make more money offering your skills as a service to other businesses and even export your skills to International clients and earn in foreign currencies like I do… You’ll never be broke again!!!

Pay Online with Stripe

Get instant access to the Course by making payment online through a safe and secure payment platform (Stripe) using your card, Apple Pay, Google pay etc.

Bank Transfer (Pay ₦49999)

Bank Account: UBA
Account Name: Adeleke Samuel
Account Number: 2090072419

Note: Use your Name as Transaction details
Then send proof of payment to: samuel@adelekesamuel.com

You can decide

To go back to running Ads the same way you have been doing. And continue to waste your Ad budget on stuff that don't work again Or instead invest in a proven course that will save you money and make you more money.
Still waiting??

See what people are saying about me


No, you don’t need to as you’ll learn from the very basics. The course is Newbie-friendly

Yes, there is a responsive support community where you can ask all of your questions and you’ll get the help needed from me and other members of the community.

No, you won’t.

You’ll always get constant updates for FREE for this course

IMPORTANT: Earnings And Legal Disclaimers

I don’t Believe In Get-Rich-Quick Programs. I Believe In Hard Work, Adding Value And Serving Others. And That’s What This Program Is Designed To Help You Do. I Can Not And Do Not Make Any Guarantees About Your Own Ability To Get Results Or Earn Any Money With My Ideas, Information, Programs Or Strategies. Your Results In Life Are Up To You. Agreed? I’m Here To Help By Giving You My Greatest Strategies To Move You Forward, Faster. Any Financial Numbers Referenced Here Are Simply Estimates Or Projections Or Past Results, And Should Not Be Considered Exact, Actual Or As A Promise Of Potential Earnings – All Numbers Are Illustrative Only. If You Have Questions, Email samuel@adelekesamuel.com Thanks For Stopping By.