Tired Of lack of results after spending top bucks on adverts that don't convert?

Whiteboard Animation Domination, is a Complete Program That Shows You How To Produce Attention-grabbing, High-Engaging and Super-Converting Whiteboard Animations That Attracts New Customers, Generate More Leads and Increase Sales – Even If You Don’t Have Prior Design or Marketing Skills…

(Fill-in-the-blank Templates + Video Training + Premium software + Digital Assets + Ready-made Scripts + Real time Support…

When it comes to online marketing or activities generally, watching video is at the top of the list for both consumers and professionals.

Fortunately for you, here’s an untapped way to drive more traffic, sales and results with videos.

Whether you’re looking to attract new customers, educate the old ones, or just explain how your products and services work, an explainer/animated video is an excellent choice for your digital marketing needs.

Most importantly, they are very effective in converting prospects to customers.

FACT: “Whiteboard Animation” is one of the hottest trend right now. It has been proven to be captivating, attention grabbing, highly converting and cash pulling  marketing tool.

It commands a great deal of attention than any tradition video, this is why many businesses/ Online Marketers use it.

The REVOLUTION begins in your business…

The day you start taking advantage of this internet sales weapon…

Unfortunately, It’s crazy to think how much money, you, MOST NEWBIES have been leaving on the table.

By not adding an animated video to your arsenal of marketing tools.

95% of your competitors don’t know about this or ain’t leveraging the power of this unique marketing tool in their business yet…


You know why?

It’s because they don’t know how to go about it or haven’t heard about it before so you’re 100 steps ahead of them only if you’ll learn it.

Whiteboard Animation Videos creates an uncontested Advert space for your business and renders your competitors useless.

With Whiteboard Animation Videos you can:

Video marketing just got better with the emergence of Whiteboard Animation Videos And it’s the newest craze, tons of fortune 500 companies like Coca cola, Google, Dropbox, Samsung and Starbucks have started using them!

Unfortunately, they generally require highly specialized experts and tools to create this kind of videos along with tons of patience and time…

You see there’s no doubt, learning this skill could be intimidating and at the same time overwhelming but with the right training, toolkit and support you can learn and master how to produce yours with ease.

But not anymore…




In this Program, you’ll discover the Peachy Framework to Creatively produce attention-grabbing, highly-engaging and Super-converting Whiteboard Animation Videos that attracts new customers, engage existing customers and increase sales conversion even if you don’t have prior technical, artistic and design skills.

You only need 3 things (Right Training + Access to Toolkit + Proper Support) to get started and turn to PRO!

… all these are available in this program already.

Get More Leads; Attract New Customers

Whiteboard Animation Videos grab attention. That means it stops visitors as they scroll through their social media and gets them to watch your video and persuade them to take your desired action, attract more vistors to your website, to help you get more leads and sales! Get 100% Free Traffic!

Save More Money and Time

You’ll learn how to do it yourself without the need to hire a PRO that will charge you premium fee for same service and likely delay the delivery of the project. You don’t need to have prior technical, design, artistic or marketing skills.  

Make More Money

Whiteboard Animation Videos are hot in the market right now and people are paying top bucks for these styles of animated videos. This means you can sell this as a service in the marketplace and charge premium fee for doing that. You’ll learn 5 ways to make real money from this program.

Some Paid Projects Students Of This Program Have Delivered...

See What People Are Saying...

Here's What You'll Discover Inside This Program...

Fill-In-The-Blank Video Script Template for creating attention-grabbing and highly-engaging Whiteboard Animation Videos that drives people to take your desired action, this will be of great help even if you hate writing. You can copy, edit and use immediately for any of your projects

10+ Hours Step-by-step, Easy-to-understand and Easy-to-implement Video tutorial that puts you the 7 Peachy Framework to produce your own Whiteboard Animation Videos with Ease. This takes you from the point of a Novice to a PRO in less than a week.

Lifetime Access to the Premium Animation Software that you can use offline anytime, anywhere without paying a dime [Real life value: $800 // ₦400, 000]

Software + Detailed Tutorial on how Record and Edit high-quality and noise-free voice over even without using external Microphone. 

My Insider Text-to-Speech Secret Software to get Sweet Obodo Oyinbo Voice Over either Male or Female, US or UK (some clients will demand this and might be why you’ll lose a Deal). Be informed!

My Ultimate Portfolio Accelerator this contains 4  complete, Done-For-You and editable projects (Male & Female Foreign voice-over included) you can use to build portfolio at the speed of light so you can answer ‘Let me see your previous work’ clients even before they ask you, as a newcomer offering your new learned skill as a service in the Marketplace

You can as well draw inspiration for any of your projects…

My Persuasive Elevator Pitch to attract high-paying clients that pays premium fee for your Whiteboard Animation Service

My Mafia Closing Script for closing the sales over the phone this has been proven and battle-tested to work even for any other digital skills you have and offer has a service.

Pricing Plan Strategy you’ll discover my the tiny little secret you can use to UPSELL your client… Let them pay more and even beg you to collect their money.

My Automated Cashback Machine this is a done-for-you system to get back or 10x the amount you paid for this program following very simple instruction (only available to students of the program)

Join Dominators’ Tribe  this is a closed community where you can access my expertise whenever you’re stuck or need help. I provide real-time supportand answer all of your questions on the group.  If you want to learn and grow fast you need to be in this community of like-minded guys.

Total Real Life Value: ₦450,000


There is something SENSITIVE I want to make very clear here…

The emergence of Whiteboard Animation break-through technology is certainly going to raise a new breed of online high earners.

However your SMART move is what will determine how profitable your investment today will be…

With that said, I have decided to invest a lot of time and man power to carefully select useful courses that will help you learn fast and also help your online business just for the first 12 Fast Movers to enroll for this program.

I’m throwing in 8 powerful, jaw-breaking and mouth-watering bonuses that you can use to scale your online business or even make money from.

Today, I want to extend the opportunity for you to get access to Whiteboard Animation Domination Program + Some Awesome goodies


If you act now, you get access to these highly valuable bonuses for FREE




I’ll hold you by the hand, supervise and put you through your very first paid project, assist you to make the work easy for you, Top notch production and delivered swiftly to client more like me handling the project on your behalf

(WORTH ₦30,000 – It’s FREE Today Only!)

Bonus #2: 1000+ SVG Images

I’ll give you access to my Full Private Billi Pack that contains thousands of SVGs images you can use for any of your projects.
This ONE thing is what differentiate the PRO from the Amateur, if you want to do it the SMART way so you can deliver your client’s project without stress in days and not weeks then you need this SVGs collections in your arsenal!

(WORTH $150 (₦60,000 – It’s FREE Today Only!)

Bonus #3: 100+ Handwritten Fonts

I’ll give you 150+ handwritten fonts to spice up your project so as not to bore your viewers with the usual fonts, this will help you retain their attention.

(WORTH ₦5,000 – It’s FREE Today Only!)

Bonus #4: 60+ Background Music

I’ll share with you my Personal Audio Library with over 60+  Music you can use as background music for any of your projects.

(WORTH ₦5,000 – It’s FREE Today Only!)

Bonus #5: Website/Sales Page Design For Non-Programmers

I’ll give you my Best Selling Program, you’ll learn how to design a complete sales funnel and a complete website from scratch even if you don’t know what domain means. 

Very easy to understand and all the software you need is included.

(WORTH ₦10,000 – It’s FREE Today Only!)

Bonus #6: Graphics Design For Non-Designers

I’ll give you a crash course on how to design virtually any type of graphics (logo, flyer, infographics, business card, book cover, id card, post card, certificate, banner etc.) in minutes even if you don’t have any design skills.

You can offer this as a service too and make cool money from it.

(WORTH ₦10,000 – It’s FREE Today Only!)

Bonus #7: Video Editing Crash Course

I’ll give you a crash course on how to edit videos like a PRO, record your screen to create a course and also give you access to the premium software for FREE.

You can offer this as a service and make cool money from it.

(WORTH ₦25,000 – It’s FREE Today Only!)

Bonus #8: Mastering The Art Of Story Telling

Story is the most powerful form of human communication.  

Stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, challenge. They help us understand, imprint a picture on our minds. Want to make a point or raise an issue? 

Tell a story. Story sells all the time.

This crash course will help you learn and master the art of story telling.  Sharpen your content/script writing for your Whiteboard Animation Videos

(WORTH ₦10,000 – It’s FREE Today Only!)

The Total Value Of Whiteboard Animation Domination Plus + All The Bonuses: ₦605,000+

Just calm your nerves, lol...

You won’t actually be paying up to that amount…

I’ve got a special offer for you.

Though the total value of the program + bonuses is over ₦605,000

No FLUFF! No Bull Shit!!

You won’t even be paying up to 10% of ₦605,000

Not even up to 5% of that amount…

‘coz I’m a cool and nice guy… yunno *winks*

To join, you’ll be paying only less than 5% of ₦605,000

ONLY ₦30,000

You’ll be saving a whooping ₦575,000

YES! You'll pay only – ₦30,000

But wait…

I want to offer fast movers only an additional

Save Extra ₦23,000

If and only if you act now!

During a short period of time, I will offer this Complete Program + All the Bonuses to you for a low price of


I know it’s too cheap (& I’m not stupid either)

It’s worth every kobo because you can use this in your own business to save more money without the need to hire someone to produce a video for you and you can as well make huge bucks selling this skill as a service.

But, there’s one simple condition attached to it… 

This offer is only available for a very limited time and to only few people

You need it…

… get it now


Unbelievable right? I’m doing this either because I’m stupid or very confident that my training will work for you.

I know this training has the potential to transform your business and finance. In fact, one of the bonuses could pay times 3 of the investment you’re making now.

But maybe you’re on the fence because other resources or courses you’ve bought in the past have left you disappointed and a bit skeptical. That’s understandable. That’s why you’ll get to test drive Whiteboard Animation Domination for 30 days.

The risk is on me!

All you have to do is show what you’ve done or implemented, in order to show that you’ve made a reasonable effort. 

Then, simply contact me & your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded.

Email samuel@adelekesamuel.com or Message on WhatsApp for a full refund of your investment. 

Yes, this program either give you everything I promised, or you get double of your money back AND you get to keep all the program + bonuses for free.

No tricks. No hidden fees. None of that. All yours for a low price.

Congrats! You're The Best...

You’re one step away from getting a program that will increase your business profit and also save you more money because you won’t need to hire someone to create a video for you.

Also, make more money from the comfort of your home… Never be broke again!!!

Here's Everything You'll Get Today...

Total Value Worth – ₦605,000+
7000 One Time Payment
  • Fill-In-The-Blank Video Script Template
  • 10+ Hours On demand Step-by-step Video Tutorial
  • Lifetime Access To The Premium Animation Software
  • Get Lifetime Access To VideoScribe + Other Premium ToolKit --- Real Life Value: $1,000 // ₦400,000
  • Software + Tutorial Guide To Produce High Quality and Noise-Free Voice-over
  • My Insider Text-To-Speech Secret Software
  • My Ultimate Portfolio Accelerator
  • My Persuasive Elevator Pitch
  • My Mafia Sales Closing Script
  • Detailed Pricing Plan Strategy
  • My Automated Cashback Machine
  • Access To Join Dominators' Tribe For Support
  • Bonus #1: 1-On-1 Consultation
  • Bonus #2: 1,000+ SVG Images
  • Bonus #3: 100+ Handwritten Fonts
  • Bonus #4: 60+ Background Music
  • Bonus #5: WordPress Website Design Masterclass
  • Bonus #6: Graphics Design For Non-Designers Masterclass
  • Bonus #7: Video Editing Crash Course
  • Bonus #8: Master The Art Of Story-telling Crash Course

Pay Online w/Paystack

An easy way to get instant access to the program is to pay online through Paystack using your card or bank transfer or USSD…

You’ll be automatically redirected to the member’s only portal to get the full program and bonuses even if it’s 1am midnight!

Pay Online w/Flutterwave

An easy way to get instant access to the program is to pay online through Flutterwave using your card or bank transfer or USSD…

You’ll be automatically redirected to the member’s only portal to get the full program and bonuses even if it’s 1am midnight!

Here Is What Real People Are Saying About The Program

Some Video Productions By Students Of Whiteboard Animation Domination

Advert For Adron Homes By Mattheos Branding and Marketing

Advert By and For PetDara Consult

Advert For A Book Promotion For MomraisingChamps By Mattheos Branding and Marketing

Advert For GeeTouch Food Mart By TeeMedia

Advert For IpileEarth By Temilade

And many other productions...


This is an online program that has been been prerecorded, so you get instant access to the membership area where all the videos are and also the link to join our support chat group and community where you get helped in case you have questions

You get lifetime access to the training. Access it anytime and anywhere you like.

And they’re also downloadable.

No you don’t. So far you can operate a mobile phone like Android then you can do this. The video training are well explained and very easy to follow.

Yes, these are not audio bonuses.

Everything is on the member’s only portal which you’ll have access to after payment

IMPORTANT: Earnings And Legal Disclaimers

I don’t Believe In Get-Rich-Quick Programs. I Believe In Hard Work, Adding Value And Serving Others. And That’s What This Program Is Designed To Help You Do. I Can Not And Do Not Make Any Guarantees About Your Own Ability To Get Results Or Earn Any Money With My Ideas, Information, Programs Or Strategies. Your Results In Life Are Up To You. Agreed? I’m Here To Help By Giving You My Greatest Strategies To Move You Forward, Faster. Any Financial Numbers Referenced Here Are Simply Estimates Or Projections Or Past Results, And Should Not Be Considered Exact, Actual Or As A Promise Of Potential Earnings – All Numbers Are Illustrative Only. If You Have Questions, Email samuel@adelekesamuel.com Thanks For Stopping By.