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Start Producing Whiteboard Animation/Explainer Videos
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Whiteboard Animation/Explainer has been proven to be attention grabbing, engaging, highly converting and cash sucking  marketing tool 

It commands a great deal of attention than any tradition video, this is why many businesses/ Online Marketers use it.

There is no doubt at one point in time or the other you’ve seen captivating, attention grabbing and highly engaging Whiteboard Animation videos that Wowed you and the next question you’ve been asking yourself is how to produce yours too.

You see there’s no doubt, learning this skill could be intimidating and at the same time overwhelming but with the right training, toolkit and support you can learn and master how to produces yours with ease.


Stay at the top of your potential customers mind

A study shows that prospective customers needs about 7 Touch points before they buy your product or patronize your business. 

The more they remember about your brand from that first interaction, the more likely they are to seek out more information.

Whiteboard Animation Videos helps with retention making your content memorable, It outperforms text, visuals, or any other medium.

According to Online Publishers Association, 80% of viewers were able to recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days.

Retain More Viewers Than You Think

Human being has a Attention Span of 8 seconds, 1 seconds lesser to Octopus. This means human being are easily distracted.

Whiteboard Animation engages with the viewer and at the same time retains their attention to see your video till they’re persuaded to take your desired action. 

According to statistics, 65% of viewers watch through more than three-quarters of  video.

Isn’t it interesting for you to know people are still paying attention to the things they care about! 

Build Instant Trust

People buy from businesses they Know, Like and Trust.

Whiteboard Animations takes care of this, you won’t only be showing visuals but as well voice over using your unique voice.


Businesses Owners/Advertisers

(The video below is promoting the service Accounting Hub NG is offering)

This is the solution to your advertising needs if you’re on a low budget and want to save money and as well increase sales.

Now you can create attention grabbing and highly engaging videos to promote your business/products/service that attracts new customers and convert them to paying customers without hiring a video producer. Grow your Audience base with engaging videos.

Educators /Teacher/ Instructors / Thought Leader / Personal Development Coaches

(The video below teaches how to Create an Elevator Pitch in 10 seconds)

If you own or manage a personal brand at one point in time you’ll need to educate or explain complex topics/subject/concept/phenomenon in a way your audience will understand perfectly well and also retain the knowledge in thei memory.

Whiteboard Animations helps to make complex and sophisticated topics more interesting 

Authors/Writers/Content Developers/YouTuber

(The video below is a Keynote from one of the Speakers from Global Leadership Summit)

You can create a video with your own unique voice without showing your face, if you’re a shy type (Probably this is the push you need to start your YouTube channel).

You can as well re-purpose your existing contents you have probably from your book or summary of your content or key notes from a Speaking events/ podcast audio/Webinar or even a message recording of a pastor etc.

I'm Adeleke Samuel...

Creative Director of DSP Tech Solutions and Creator of Whiteboard Animations Domination Program.

I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant, I help businesses acquire new customers and convert them to repeated paying customers

In our digital agency we have worked with state corporations like Ogun State Television and we have generated solid 8 figures for ourselves and our clients.

I’m an Instructor that has taught over 300 individuals on topics related to Marketing, Sales and Business over the last 4 years.


Discover the Peachy Framework To Creatively Produce Attention-Grabbing and Highly Engaging That Attracts and Retain Attention; Engages And Persuades Your Audience; Converts and Increases Sales


What Makes This Program So Special?


This training videos very easy to consume. It is structured in  a way even a newbie will understand. You’ll be able to Produce like a PRO at the end.


You’ll have access to all the Premium tools and software you need in one place with a detailed instructional video on how to install and use it.


Every WAD student joins our secret group (which you can’t find online). The community is to assist you when stuck and also for further grooming. You’ll learn & grow fast. 


You’ll have access to thousands of animated images, audios to use as background music, hundreds of fonts to make your work interesting


Inside this program, you’ll get templates, scripts, checklist you can copy, paste and use immediately to save you more time and energy.


More fresh contents will be uploaded in the membership portal. Weekly joint project via the group too.

Here's What You'll Discover Inside...


IN THIS SECTION: You'll learn how to transform your ideas into highly-engaging Visuals and also get familiar with the 7 step process to produce your Whiteboard Animation Video in 15 minutes


And much more update...


IN THIS SECTION: You'll learn Advance Functionalities of VideoScribe and its Integration With Other Tools for a professional production


And much more update...


IN THIS SECTION: You'll learn how to Monetize your Skill and Sell As a Service

I’ll handover to you my Battle-tested, Surefire, Proven Blueprint to acquire high paying Clients and get them to pay you more without stress. This approach works for any other service you sell.


And much more update...


This is a support closed group and grooming community

You’re stuck? Or have any form of questions on technical, sales or marketing? You’ll get real time support and direct access to me!

Not just that, we’ll also be having a weekly webinar or weekly joint projects for further grooming!

If you really want to grow fast, you need to be in a like-minded community!

In The Group, You'll Get Access To...

And much more update...



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1000+ SVG Images

I’ll give you my full Private Billi Pack that contains thousands of SVGs images you can use for any of your projects.
This ONE thing is what differentiate the PRO from the Amateur, if you want to do it the SMART way so you can deliver your client’s project without stress in days and not weeks then you need this SVGs collections in your arsenal!

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100+ Handwritten Fonts

I’ll give you handwritten fonts to spice up your project and not make it boring.

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I’ll share with you my Personal Audio Library with over 60+  Music Background to use for any of your project. 


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I’ll hold you by the hand, supervise and put you through your very first paid project, assist you to make the work easy for you, Top notch production and delivered swiftly to client more like me handling the project on your behalf

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I’ll give you a crash course on how to edit videos like a PRO, record your screen to create a course and also give you access to the premium software for FREE.

You can offer this as a service and make cool money from it.

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I’ll give you a crash course on how to design virtually any type of graphics (logo, flyer, infographics, business card, book cover, id card, post card, certificate, banner etc.) in minutes even if you don’t have any design skills.

You can offer this as a service too and make cool money from it.

(WORTH ₦20,000 – It’s FREE Today Only!)


Story is the most powerful form of human communication.  

Stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, challenge. They help us understand, imprint a picture on our minds. Want to make a point or raise an issue? 

Tell a story. Story sells all the time.

This crash course will help you learn and master the art of story telling.  Sharpen your content/script writing for your Whiteboard Animation Videos

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IMPORTANT: Earnings And Legal Disclaimers

I don’t Believe In Get-Rich-Quick Programs. I Believe In Hard Work, Adding Value And Serving Others. And That’s What This Program Is Designed To Help You Do. I Can Not And Do Not Make Any Guarantees About Your Own Ability To Get Results Or Earn Any Money With My Ideas, Information, Programs Or Strategies. Your Results In Life Are Up To You. Agreed? I’m Here To Help By Giving You My Greatest Strategies To Move You Forward, Faster. Any Financial Numbers Referenced Here Are Simply Estimates Or Projections Or Past Results, And Should Not Be Considered Exact, Actual Or As A Promise Of Potential Earnings – All Numbers Are Illustrative Only. If You Have Questions, Email samuel@adelekesamuel.com Thanks For Stopping By.